International Language School InterLingua has a proven track record in helping firms increase their business in Russia. We teach communication, because effective communication in Russia, is essential to business success.

How? By teaching people how to communicate with one another.

Effective communication is essential to success anywhere in the world. Basic Russian language skills will help improve the quality of daily office life for non-Russian speaking employees. Moreover, intermediate skills will permit employees to discern the quality of translations in complex business meeting and clarify when necessary. And finally, advanced skills allow your employees complete freedom to negotiate for themselves beyond the language barriers.

InterLingua offers group and private instruction as follows:

* Adaptive Russian

This series teaches basic Language skills to help students adjust to their environment and express their needs;

* Structured-Russian

This course builds communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) with a step-by-step format, incorporating grammar rules and intonation.

* Tailored Russian

This program can be designed by the student and instructor to fit individual needs. Skills development could be in the area of business dialogue, presentations, etc.

Our programs are taught by highly qualified teachers, experts in the Russian language.

InterLingua uses it own textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the current scientific methodology. Personal satisfaction and a fun learning experience are guaranteed.

Don’t delay. Just do it!